I have known Wendy Williams since March 2011 whilst in the capacity of Canine Behaviour Trainer at the RSPCA in Hobart, Tasmania. Wendy, who at the time was volunteering for the RSPCA soon introduced me to her Reiki methods in relation to the dogs we had in care at the time.

The RSPCA Care Centre at any one time had a number of dogs in residence who had come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and had any number of related behavioural and physical complications as a result.

Providing holistic support to dogs in 'care' was a huge benefit, and Reiki sessions with Wendy provided me with a deeper insight into the emotional state of these distressed dogs.

Wendy is compassionate and supportive when working with animals and this can be seen in the way the animals relax in her presence.

Wendy was a delight to work with, and I hope to continue utilising Wendy's knowledge in this area with dogs in my current capacity of Canine Behaviour Trainer in my business www.pawsnpeople.com.au

Kim Robertson

Wendy treated me with Reiki on several occasions. Each time I felt deeply respected, cared for and listened to. I found Wendy’s Reiki treatment to be beautiful, relaxing, insightful and well tailored to my needs. With her profound intuitive way of working, Wendy helped me to heal from past traumas that were impacting upon my general health, reproductive health and self-worth. I recommend her to anyone who is willing to go deeper into their healing journey with this subtle, yet profound, treatment method. Thank you Wendy.

AD, Tasmania

Wendy is a very gifted healer. Her Reiki sessions are powerful and work on a very deep level. We have used her services for ourselves and our animals. Her sessions continue to make a big difference in our lives and she has helped us to better understand our animals' needs. I would recommend her to anyone.

Deb Hobart