Rusty The Red Heeler Cross


There was Rusty, a four year old red heeler cross who was just quivering from fright with his tail between his legs. He was extremely underweight and had a “Caution, Dangerous Dog – Do Not Enter” sign on his cage. Rusty had been rescued from an extremely abusive home where affection, respect and enough food were unknown. I offered Reiki to Rusty but he could not look at me with his orange eyes as was too frightened. However, he did tell me he was misunderstood.

After finishing the Reiki treatment I was informed by the dog behaviourist that Rusty was on the Put To Sleep list due to his behaviour problems. I told her that I received the message he was misunderstood, and as so often happens when you think a Reiki session has finished, Rusty was continuing to send me more information: he was a truly gentle dog but was very misunderstood and carried so much guilt as to why he was in “prison”. I conveyed this to her, stressing he was really gentle if given the chance and that I was not frightened of him at all. Rusty would not look at you directly, but put his head down and looked at you indirectly with his orange eyes. This was Rusty’s way of protecting himself from physical abuse.

The dog behaviourist was amazed that I could “pick up” such information and agreed to give Rusty one more chance.

The next week I gave Rusty more Reiki and this time, he no longer had his Dangerous Dog sign on his cage. The shelter staff were amazed at the difference in Rusty as Reiki had never before been given to the shelter animals.

By my third week of volunteering, Rusty had graduated from Dog Quarantine to the normal, healthy dog section! Rusty was definitely NOT on the Put To Sleep list now! The difference in Rusty was a joy to behold. Rusty was running, barking and playing with the other dogs and had put on some weight. Rusty was up for adoption!

Unfortunately the weeks passed without anyone showing Rusty any interest in adopting him. He had grown into a beautiful, strong boy with very wide shoulders but he could look somewhat threatening to people who were not familiar with his breed. When I visited the shelter, Rusty would look at me with such a happy face and his happiness was payment enough for me, but he needed a permanent home.

Then a lovely lady from New South Wales saw Rusty’s profile on the internet and fell in love with Rusty’s squinty, orange eyes and travelled all that distance to see him, but needed to receive a sign that Rusty was her dog, that Rusty would choose HER, not that SHE chose Rusty. Rusty did choose her. He walked slowly up to this lovely woman, sniffed her, walked away again and came up to her three times before he placed himself against her legs for a cuddle. The woman was thrilled, Rusty was indeed HER dog. Rusty is now running free on a mango farm in New South Wales happy in the knowledge that Reiki helped him.