Basil a Cat With an Inferiority Complex


A very forlorn, undernourished cat about 12 months old was brought into the shelter. He was quite ill and put into a pen in the cat quarantine section to receive vet treatment. We named him Basil. Basil refused to take his medication and just sat in his pen looking extremely sad and remained very distant to the shelter staff. So I decided Basil was in need of Reiki.

During his first treatment I discovered he had a serious inferiority complex believing he was ugly and no one wanted him. In fact, Basil was a very handsome cat being a mixture of soft grey and pale ginger markings but he did have a funny looking face due to his eyes and nose. I told Basil that he was a handsome fellow and the look on his face was indescribable – happiness but disbelief mixed together.

Susan was one of the shelter staff who was looking after cats and I discussed Basil’s predicament with her and suggested that each time Basil was to be handled or have medication, he was first to be told what a handsome fellow he was. Susan tried this with Basil’s next medication and to her surprise Basil took the medication and snuggled into her. With further Reiki treatments combined with Susan’s continued support and talking to Basil, Basil improved quickly turning into a very handsome cat and was put up for adoption. However, Basil needed to be constantly told he was handsome.

A lovely couple came into the shelter and fell in love with Basil and luckily Susan was the person who handled the adoption and told the couple of Basil’s inferiority complex. Although they were stunned at this information because of how handsome Basil now looked, the couple promised Susan they would look after Basil and tell him he was handsome every day.

Basil ended up with a loving couple in a loving home thanks to the power of Reiki.