A Lost Cat


One morning while reading the local newspaper, I saw under the Lost and Found a photo of a beautiful pedigree cat, which I will call Mimi. For some reason I was drawn to the photo and decided to do a Distant Reiki treatment to find out if Mimi was still alive.

I very quickly made contact with her and Mimi was kind enough to show me a “picture” of where she was. There were pale yellow weeds and large trees around her and she could happily sit on a large, upturned, empty container and twitch her tail and look around. She seemed quite content.

However, Mimi also informed me that although she was very much loved and cosseted, she was over protected and never allowed to be a cat with natural cat instincts but treated more like a human baby. She was kept inside and to Mimi it seemed like a prison. Mimi just wanted space and to feel free occasionally.

With a lot of apprehension, I telephoned the number in the advertisement and discussed Mimi’s situation with the lady from her family. This lady was well aware of Reiki, so I was able to discuss Mimi’s predicament with her. I gave her a description of where I saw Mimi and the lady knew the area and immediately went to find Mimi but was unsuccessful.

Over the next three weeks I made several attempts to do a Distant Treatment. There were times when Mimi would not communicate with me and I thought she had passed on but then she would make contact . I kept Mimi’s family informed of what was happening to Mimi, and the conditions for Mimi’s return, ie acceptance to be a cat with some freedom and not a pretend baby.

However, the family was very reluctant to meet Mimi’s requests and unfortunately as far as I know, Mimi decided not to return to her family, even though Mimi was quite capable of finding her way home. Mimi chose freedom.

Animals are really no different to people in their feelings and needs. They deserve respect and to be identified for what they are, animals with their own needs and requirements.