Animal Stories

Bubbles Bernie05-Dec-2013

A stray, dirty, white cat was brought into the shelter. He was a mess. His coat was matted, br..

Ginger Boy A Blind Cat05-Dec-2013

Some new tenants had just started moving into their new home when they discovered the previous t..

A Lost Cat21-Nov-2013

One morning while reading the local newspaper, I saw under the Lost and Found a photo of a beaut..

Basil a Cat With an Inferiority Complex21-Nov-2013

A very forlorn, undernourished cat about 12 months old was brought into the shelter. He was quit..


A lovely, beautiful tanned coloured American Pit Bull had just been delivered to the shelter whe..

Rusty The Red Heeler Cross21-Nov-2013

There was Rusty, a four year old red heeler cross who was just quivering from fright with his ta..